Mark Hawkins

FOUNDER and President

Mark and his wife Kelly are full time photographers, and enjoy spending time camping and sailing with their daughters Sydney and Riley.  His first tool was a an electric scroll saw when he was 12, but his favorite tools these days are the non-electric knife and axe.  Hobbies range from camping, sailing, woodworking, rock climbing, fly fishing, stand up bass, welding, making maple syrup, to now carving spoons from green wood.  Kelly has a lot of spoons.


Steve Srubas


Steve is a lead architect for Berners - Schobers Associates, and enjoys a rich family life with his wife and three daughters.  He has helped us design our new facility at South Bay Marina, and is our chief strategist and organizational officer.  He is a hand tool woodworker, musician, and he draws pictures too.  One more thing... Steve is also an evangelist for the old Stanley 4 1/2 Smooth Plane. He’s a closet Pee Wee Herman fan as well.


Heather Cox

Program and CURRICULUM Development

Heather wears many hats for NWTC here in Green Bay and across the state. She teaches, builds curriculum, writes grants, and enjoys seeing her students succeed.  Heather and her husband David are founding members of HOD, and enjoy camping with their two boys Aiden and Brady.  Heather's family is from Washington Island, and she enjoys the rich maritime history of Northeast Wisconsin. She’s proud of her Scandinavian heritage, and makes a mean corn pudding.


Dr. Jim Spitzer

Mentor Development, Program Instructor, and Oar making

Jim is retired...kind of.  He has been with us since the beginning, and brings an incredible wealth of business, community, and enjoyment to all the things we do in the boat shop.  Jim and Barb enjoy getting away to Door County when they can, and being apart of the Breakfast Optimist Club here in Green Bay.  He fishes a little too.


Rodger Swanson

Wooden Boat Planning and Project Coordinator

Rodger is a walking encyclopedia of wooden boat and rowing knowledge that is surrounded with a deep love and appreciation for Mackinaw Boats. He runs Oarsman Marine Products where he sells organic tallow all over the world.  He and his wife Shirley live in Munising, Michigan with there feisty we pup Winnie.  Rodgers existence is upheld by the use of a Bialetti Expresso Pot which he partakes in throughout the day...espcially before naps or meetings.


Alex Galt

Marketing and Communications

Alex helps his wife Linda run an amazing coffee house, and he is also the president of UntitledTown here in Green Bay.  Alex and Linda have two amazing daughters, and they travel as often as they can, and specifically enjoy remote parts of Central America and Mexico.  Alex is a hand tool woodworker, musician, and designer.  He writes a little too. He once gave away a very important shot of espresso to friendenemy.


Maddy Laufenberg

Event Planning and ORGANIZATIONAL Procedure

Maddy and her husband Jack live in Milwaukee, and make the best popcorn in the joke.  She drives for board meetings on a regular basis, and is willing to help out any way she can.  She is not a woodworker or boatbuilder, but Maddy loves people and she's passionate about making our community a better place for youth and familes.  Maddy is a cat person and Emmy is very loved. Maddy’s family is good people…hope she’s a torchbearer.


Dr. Mark Norfleet


Mark was picked up like a stray cat from the local woodworkers guild, and was looking for like minded hand tool using fiends. He found a home at HOD even though he follows the darker path of eastern type tools…not harbor freight…think pull saws and throwing stars. He’s your run of the mill mathematician, who can cut dovetails with the best of them. Math Mark is helping us out with our numbers too, and he’s a soccer nut.