Woodworking Career Alliance

We are placing an emphasis on certification training for our mentors and apprentices starting in 2019.Even though our student classes start with hand tools, a portion of our long term revenue needs will be supplied through a machine room with stationary power tools. Patrick Molzahn, head of the cabinet making program at Madison Technical College, has already certified Mark Hawkins as a Skill Evaluator. Starting in 2019, all of our mentors will be trained and certified through the Woodworking Career Alliance (WCA). Thanks to the WCA training, our new heated shop at 101 Bay Beach Road will be a safer place to build boats and train future generations.


Woodworking students are the future of our industry, and we all recognize how important it is that they be trained properly. One of the great advantages students have who participate in the WCA is that they can earn a credential based on the same standards used by industry. This gives students pursuing a job in the woodworking industry after graduation an extra boost to their resumes and differentiates them from the rest of the crowd. The difference is they can prove their competence on each of the tools because they were observed and evaluated by their instructor who has been trained as an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE) by the WCA.