Mackinaw Boats

Hands On Deck is working in cooperation with the Heritage Coast Rowing and Sailing Association to achieve the goal of reintroducing Mackinaw Boats to active use on the Great Lakes. 


St. Mary's River Mackinaw 

In the spring of 2018, with the help of Rodger Swanson and Mark Bilhorn, we completed an experimental archeology build from the pages of a long forgotten boat builders journal.  In the late 1800's J.W. Church drew a beautiful small rowing Mackinaw boat for use on the St. Mary's river in Northern Michigan.  We we be building our second "MARY" in the summer and fall of 2018 as a part of our Cut and Run Summer Program.



SERANG was owned by John Roberton, the light house keeper for Strawberry Island Light, on the North side of Manitoulin Island.  She was sailed on Lake Winnebago from 1980-1994 and now has a home with us as a piece of reference archeology and as a heritage preservation project.